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Profit Focused Farming

has developed a software suite of strategic farm business tools that allow farmers to address the future by achieving more sustainable profits, better quality production and establishing a carbon positive environment.

These programs include recording the critical business measures, income and expenditure, animal husbandry, pasture production and annual soil carbon levels. These then produce vital performance indicators including daily profit that enhance the management of all types of livestock farming practices and systems.

Our online programs have now been developed into three individual stand alone templates that can be used individually or as a combined strategic package in order to address the various entry point alternatives sought by the discerning farmer.


is an online profitability management process that enables farmers to fully access their farming business on a 24 / 7 basis. This data identifies the actual up to date state of the business and the forecast status available through daily ‘what if’ options. Online management reports are produced instantly for members to simplify decision making down to the point where specific livestock types, numbers and stocking rates can be made on the basis of their daily profitability.


refers to the carbon positive farming system developed over many years to enable farmers in New Zealand and throughout the world to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and deposit it into the soil. Over the past five years farmers throughout New Zealand have been measuring carbon in their soils annually and adapting their farming practices to achieve increases in the order of 6% per year.


 The Options 

PROFITPOINT and CLIMATEPOINT fully evaluate the opportunities to enhance soil health, produce better quality pastures and profitability and contribute to a carbon positive environment.

CLIMATEPOINT can be a component option of PROFITPOINT in order to achieve the maximum benefit from this all embracing strategic business management tool kit and of course establish a carbon positive status with the option to trade carbon credits on the international market once validation has been approved. They both however can be stand alone programs.