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CLIMATEPOINT is a Climate Smart Farming system developed to enable farmers in New Zealand and throughout the world to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and deposit it into the soil.

Basic information including rainfall, soil temperature, pasture covers and livestock numbers are recorded monthly by members into the online computer program. A quality on farm audit is undertaken each year by an independent contractor, which includes Visual Soil Assessment measures and the core soil sampling.

This data undergoes a quality assurance audit at the software hub and is compiled to meet the compliances as approved by the Verified Carbon Standard Authority, an international organisation established to ratify soil carbon levels and trends.



CLIMATEPOINT provides a service that can be used regardless of farming practices and breed type. Therefore all farmers including organic, biological, and traditional can all make use of this exclusive, leading edge technology as a means of adding significant value and world standard measures to the business.


CLIMATEPOINT includes information to fully evaluate the opportunities to enhance soil balanced farming. It is prudent to establish a leading edge stance and measure the baseline data over the interim first year.





Actual climate, soil, plant, & animal production measurements


 Leading edge online web based information transfer system


Independent soil testing and balanced element fertiliser recommendations


Independent measurement audit for all types of farming and fertiliser use


Improved structure, texture, mineralisation and nutrient holding capacity


Improved pasture growth, root depth, water retention and less weeds


Opportunity to trade carbon on the international market when validated



CLIMATEPOINT is Earth Friendly

The CLIMATEPOINT system contributes to increases in the depth of topsoil and the capture and storage of significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.

Emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases can be reduced. The runoff and leaching of nutrients into waterways and groundwater can also be minimised.